Phil Holmes BA (Hons), PGCE, Adv Dip.Nut MRSPH

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Evaluation takes the form of assessing the lifestyle of the athlete and making changes which realistically follow their commitments and energy demands (and food budget). This is done over the course of the first two meetings; the second meeting being the opportunity for detailed analysis to be presented from the information included in the Libro phone app.

The scrutiny of food diary findings goes a long way to showing the client where they are going really well and, more importantly for those wishing to maximise their potential, where they can make improvements.

This focuses on the macronutrients of Carbohydrates, Fats and Protein but also an in depth look at mineral and vitamin levels and how they affect health and the knock on effect as to the likelihood of a client being able to sustain high performance levels over an extended period of time. Hydration is also assessed which is vital when considering the human body is made up of approximately 60% water. The options to hydrate effectively in relation to thermoregulation, time of season, growth, skeletal development, pre / inter and post event timings amongst other factors is all discussed and a way forward advised.

Each client has the opportunity to maintain support and have an ongoing avenue to discuss changes in physique, scheduling, academic deadlines, sporting pathways, events abroad and in different climes with different nutritional cultures; all factors which have to be considered if the individual is to sustain a high level of performance.

Recipes and meal guidance are all part of the service and especially when looking at ways to (a) increase micronutrient intake and (b) fit a smart nutrition plan into our often hectic daily lives.

Evaluation also takes the form of considering those unfortunate occasions when an athlete is injured and unable to train or play in their normal manner. Goals are set where appropriate and these provide a clear standard when making ongoing assessments of performance. This equally applies to teams who wish to work with pHsportsnutrition and can take into account any upcoming major events or trade shows where several members will be expected to represent their organisation in an exemplary manner whilst working longer hours.

Education includes the evaluation of facts. The final step is to bridge the gap between ourselves and the best in our respective fields and eventually emulate our role models. All journeys are a unique experience. Here’s how pHsportsnutrition helps tailor the plans to the individual’s requirements…

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