Phil Holmes BA (Hons), PGCE, Adv Dip.Nut MRSPH



Drawing upon years of experience working with athletes and performers of all ages and across a wide range of sports, the final steps are taken to ensure the appropriate advice is offered and unique consideration given to the individual.

The modern sporting pathway often sees successful performers being asked to attend several sessions each week or play more than one fixture per week. The opportunities to rest, recover and enhance growth and strength are difficult to adequately achieve. With a smart nutrition plan, athletes are provided with the necessary information to promote recovery from one session and prepare effectively for the next demand on their physical and mental capabilities.

Even within the same team, members perform different roles and have varying responsibilities. Each person will have their own physique, energy requirements, stage of physical maturation and factors away from their arena which have to be considered. Thus, an effective and well-constructed nutrition plan should be tailor made to each person. Advice to large groups is relatively generic as one size does not fit all.

To maximise performance, athletes are best served to work on a one to one basis with pHsportsnutrition and ensure they fuel themselves effectively in accordance with their most recent events and commitments. The goal is to surpass others, to emulate those at the top of the game and achieve our dreams.

The path to success is challenging yet often the most rewarding time of a person’s life. There are no guaranteed ways to reach the summit of a chosen route but there are certainly methods to give an athlete better opportunities to push ahead of the chasing pack.

To invite chance is to increase risk and, inevitably, see fluctuation in performance. pHsportsnutriton aims to reduce the risk, increase the knowledge and tailor make a bespoke nutrition plan to allow the performer to be healthy, informed and well equipped in what often prove to be the most important years of their lives.

Somebody, somewhere will be the next professional, the next international, the next medal winner. They may be reading this.

It’s time to Educate, Evaluate and Emulate. Exciting times lay ahead.

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