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Nutrition in Lockdown 3 – make food work as a family

Smart nutrition can play a part in overcoming current feelings of despair, hurt, anger, fear, anxiety, disbelief. Whilst the following advice won't remove any of the uncertainty, it will hopefully give you a chance to consider the advice and bring some structure and...

Teens & Nutrition – Food for Thought

Spoken to good number of teenage athletes in recent weeks and there are some clear patterns emerging : 1. They want to 'look' better2. They don't know what this means in relation to food3. It's very rare they are happy with 'how they are right now'4. Most want to look...

Help your super athlete avoid their kryptonite

The wonder of youth. How many parents would go back to their teenage years knowing what they know now? I work with teenage athletes and see an all too familiar pattern. They don't eat enough food. Or they consume waaaaay too much. Most are aware of the 2000 calorie...

Making the most of school packed lunches

The return to school sees a return to food planning and preparation, particularly with many schools operating a reduced catering provision to help curb any spread of germs and disease. Pre-lockdown I had seen very similar patterns with the teen athletes I work with....

Why copying Bryson may not suit all golfers

Bryson is a brilliant golfer with a clear plan, financial security and a desire to be the very best. Yet the way he works is specific to him. What can we learn and how can we apply this approach to help our own golf game?

Do I need Carbohydrates in my diet?

The short answer is yes. Carbohydrates are an essential macronutrient for any human and are invaluable to any sports performer. The rate at which we consume carbohydrates and the quantity required will obviously differ in relation to our sport; a triathlete wouldn’t...

How much water do I need? When should I use a sports drink?

The recent heatwave is clearly an example of extreme weather. Sports performance benefits from being correctly hydrated though all year round. Having a consistent approach to hydration, the balance between water taken in and water lost, will aid training performance...

How many calories do I need in a day?

Let’s play a numbers game. Think of two numbers that you know are linked to nutrition. We’ll come to those a little further on. For now, let’s consider our current situation during Lockdown. Most of us have removed our walk to the bus stop, from car to office, from...

Protein – How much does my teenager need?

Protein has become the most discussed feature of many teenage diets. It’s the magic wand, the elixir of life, the cure for all evils; or at least that’s what the young generation are hoping for.

Rugby – How to Fuel Smart during Lockdown

We’ve just bought a puppy. A tiny fluffy thing that looks like its just spent 30 minutes inside a tumble dryer. We’ve been given strict instructions on how and when to feed him. Here’s the thing, lots of people in this position...
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