Phil Holmes BA (Hons), PGCE, Adv Dip.Nut MRSPH

As a pupil I had some wonderful teachers to guide me and help me become a better person, pupil, sportsman. Looking back I realised just how much time they invested and most likely at the expense of their own time with friends and family. At some point on this journey I decided I’d try to follow their lead and try to help others feel better and more confident.

I originally trained as a PE teacher. Transferring to nutrition was an evolving path and grew from an increasing number of questions from young athletes and their parents re what to eat and why. But the aim remains the same – help others to feel better. Nutrition is vitally important to how we look, feel, perform. My mission is to guide, support and educate athletes, teams and businesses in order to help their performance.

This is partly how the recent opportunity to begin my nutrition column in National Club Golfer came about. There are so many different types of people who play the game (young, old, male, female, professional, part time, adept, improvers…) and all face different challenges to take their ability up to the next level. Magazines for years have featured articles on ‘how to add distance’, ‘how to escape from a bunker’, ‘how to avoid a slice’, the list goes on. But for a game which features a nutrition and fitness obsessed South African (Gary Player) as one of its very best golfers of all time, there has been a void in the area I see as being vital to how golfers score on a course.

I was delighted when the wonderful team at NCG agreed there was scope for this and this journey has now begun. It’s still teaching, but just in an alternative guise. And, like those I grew up respecting and admiring, the happiest moments come from hearing accounts or meeting those who have followed some advice and made improvements. Seeing people smile is the reason we teach.

A good nutrition programme is individual, specific, flexible, interesting, enjoyable, attainable and thus beneficial. Just as a class of 30 pupils learn at different rates and have interests in different subjects, clients have their own unique goals to achieve. It’s part of the service you will receive through phsportsnutrition. Should you like to learn, grow and improve, please get in touch.

To see my opening column in National Club Golfer, please hit the link:

Once a teacher, always a teacher! Best wishes.